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Dragon's Blood
June 25, 2014
By: TerryG 

There are a dozen websites or more that discuss the folklore, history, and healing properties of dragon’s blood. And there are several varieties and similar species of trees found in many places around the world. Dragon’s blood trees are referred to by many names: Sangre de Drago, Sangre de Grado, C...

Ritual Alchemy
March 01, 2014
By: LisaC 

The mixture of herbs, woods, resins, and essential oils are used to create blends that are used to metaphysically enhance and enlighten rituals. There are different purposes for blends. Some are used as teas, medicinally, carried, as oils or tinctures, some are used in a potpourri(aromatherapy), ...

Attributes of the Elements
January 02, 2014
By: TerryG 

Elements and directions are important in Pagan tradition and magickal practice. The four traditional elements correspond to the four directions. Most Native American tribes also share this belief.


Air is the element of the East, connected to the soul...

White Sage loose or wands
November 13, 2013
By: TerryG 

White sage (salvia apiana) is considered a sacred herb that is used for purification. It comes from the coastal mountains of California. This is a broad leaf sage which is prized for its strong aromatic properties.

White sage is also bundled into what is called 'smudge sticks' to be used f...

Blue Hemimorphite
October 30, 2013
By: LisaC 

Blue Hemimorphite aids in communication of inner feelings toward healing unhealthy or damaged relationships. It is also used to:
  • encourage compassion
  • develop the ability to connect with the 'other side' and angelic beings
  • increase psychic or vision abil...

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